Tuesday, September 7, 2010

De Niro-Pesci Combo

Should tell ya about the onscreen chemistry between these two.One of a kind.Legendary.Somehow, i have always been a De niro fan.i digg his work umpteen times and cant sayi m disappointed. Everytime i watch a movie with DeNiro-Pesci combo, i try to fight my emotions to be sidelined with DeNiro,however, this tiny f*** takes up the show with his lewdy funny accent and voice with an aggression,cant deny,he overcomes.I just like this guy for his dialogue delivery on mouthing out f***,m****.Truly, this is the piece of cinema i expect.U know what, he holds a record for mouthing 21 f***s in 2 mins!!!. Watch these. I have'nt known a baddie in the movies like him. Raise For and Praise Nick Santoro.1.2.3.

Becoming a Boss!!!

I have had nightmares abt being a boss!!true and real!! its hitting me now!!!Not that i was afraid of screwing someone,which either ways i've been doing throughout.The thing i fear is the wat an asshole i might bcome.This is wat i call pressure. Watched movies on and off.Pretty good things happened on my personal side and rode on it. Still riding!!!Will come back!!!

Monday, September 28, 2009

Judd Apatow/Seth Rogen

I have stared to digg these guys works!!! So funny and captivating.!!! Will update by next weekend on the series of reviews!!Lots to flow.Keep Tuned!!

Peace Prevails.

WildLife Documentaries!!!

I guess you guys know the devil incarnate, nadana beerangi, Mr.Sam Anderson. Enter SivaGiri.The caption of the movie is "he's different". Watch for yourself,the only thing i could note that was he had boobs for a man!! Such cinematic violences should be shred from the industry.And for god'sake, never tell these people are independent film makers.We might hurt a real creative upcoming community by telling that.

God bless SAM AND GIRI...

Tamil Entertainment!!!

These days, things are more monotonous, might be age is catching up with me or i am bored with all the shit happening around.I m talking abt the Tamil entertainment industry. I m not sure of whats actually happening to channels. I cud see brain drain for sure.Time and now, these reality shows, encouraging kids, boys,girls,milf's,etc to sing and dance, has become intolerable with those truckload judges commenting on it.U hate to see that they keep moving on and on to next seasons occupying valuable media time.What a waste!!!I dont say that someone cud've bcome Bill Gates utilizing the time, but that sucks man and the participants are out of class.Kids of the next gen will have to face it.Tamil media has put up too much pressure on them to become good for nothing singers and dancers.I feel this is venom for the society.
I got to tell you abt a date program that's copied from the earlier 1950-60's, or best told in Sam Rockwell's Confessions of a Dangerous Mind. A celebrity( Only God alone knows who the hell was that) sits on one side of a split set.3 participants sit in the other in such a way no once has a chance to peek at this celebrity. Questions are thrown including poetry and the best is awarded marks. End of the program, i realized that even the winner got nothing. WTF!!!
Bottom line. I have started to hate watching TV.HBO,StarMovies,Discovery,NGC keep my life rollin'.

Peace Be wit ya!!

Sunday, September 27, 2009


Gone for a longtime.I m back in business. Will post more

Tamil Payan

Tuesday, October 23, 2007